Committee Learns About Grants

by Jessie Bell, RTSRP Reporter

Michael Blatherwick, regional counsultant for Manitoba Department of Culture, Heritage, Tourism and Sport, western region, attended a Rivers Train Station Restoration Committee meeting on Tuesday evening, January 27th. He explained the availability of two provincial grants: Community Places and one for heritage buildings, favouring the latter. Both grants can be applied for every year; however, Community Places is for projects that must be completed with the year the grant is made. He added that more than one organization within the same town could apply for grants. The heritage grant would be most suitable for the train station restoration as this project will be carried out over a period of several years.

Blatherwick reported a facilities consultant had recently inspected Rivers train station. Having worked in construction for many years before employment with Manitoba government, this consultant was impressed with the beams, sound foundation and solid wood flooring. He was very positive about the state of the building and excited to see restoration commence. Advice was given concerning the roof, which should be shingled to protect the interior. Once the indoor update is completed, the cheaper asphalt shingles could be replaced by the enviro-friendly 'cedar' shakes. 

Aeleen Sclater showed the group a sample of lumber saved by her father, the late Abe Sclater, from Floors Elevator where he was employed for many years. He had salvaged the boards from the interior of the elevator leg when the structure was being demolished. Deep grooves had been created in the lumber by the movement of grain which eventually removed the soft wood, leaving a sculpted hard wood. The rescued lumber, along with the history of Floors Elevator, have been offered by the Sclater family as a museum collection once the station is restored. Another donation to a station museum are paintings of steam locomotives by Stephen Lowe of Brandon and formerly of Rivers. A monetary donation was gratefully received from a local grain group who recently disbanded.

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